Friday, March 10, 2017

Antique Cookbook - Any One Can Bake

I adore browsing antique stores and often spend an entire Saturday or Sunday doing just that.  You just never know what you're going to find!  I snagged an addition to my antique cookbook collection over the past weekend for a mere $1.25 - that's less than the cover price in 1929!

Any One Can Bake was published by the Royal Baking Powder Co. and contains dozens of recipes for breads, cakes, and cookies along with helpful tips for the "young housewife," and detailed instructions on how to properly set a table.  I'm always highly amused and occasionally slightly horrified when reading cookbooks prior to or from the early 20th century.  For instance, did you know that doilies are appropriate for any meal with the exception of a formal dinner?  I did not, but as I don't own any doilies I don't see this being a concern any time soon.  Then there was the recommendation to use asbestos pads to protect your good furniture from hot dishes.  Yikes!

Of course, the main appeal of antique cookbooks are the recipes.  This one being a baking book, most of the recipes are classic and straight-forward with around 8 ingredients and simple instructions.  With the exception of rose water, (which was popular before vanilla took over and is called for in many cakes), the recipes often only call for basic ingredients likely already stocked in the pantry.
Many of the recipes have step-by-step instructions -

Others are simply accompanied by colorful illustrations -

A couple of recipes that immediately caught my eye are Blueberry Tea Cake and Butterscotch Pie.  (Codfish Balls also caught my attention but not for the same reason lol!)  Since blueberries aren't in season yet I think the Butterscotch Pie will be first.  Hopefully it's a success and I can report back with the recipe and pictures!

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