Thursday, September 22, 2016

Project: Recipe Clean Out

I stopped counting the printed recipes stuffed into the front pocket when I got to 98.  At that point I realized I could just say, "There are over 100."

Does anyone else have a binder with 5,362 recipes in it?  That's an exaggeration of course, but it really is a nearly overwhelming amount!  This binder is one of the reasons I started blogging – to keep track of things.  I tear recipe after recipe out of magazine after magazine with the full intention of making every single one, but of course, in reality I only test out one here and there and often return to family favorite recipes instead.

This binder is the compilation of years’ worth of recipe tear-outs.  When I first started this binder I was very organized in regards to Breakfast, Sides, Desserts, etc.  I also used to be very good about checking to see if a recipe was available online and could be saved to that sites “recipe box” before stuffing yet another page into the binder.  “Used to” being the key words here.  Now, (and for quite some time), I rip out a recipe telling myself that I’ll check the magazine’s website later, but of course later never comes and the binder disaster you see pictured above is the result.

The organized pages - Pasta
The organized pages - Breakfast

So… let “Project Recipe Clean Out” begin!  Recipes that I’m realistically just never going to make, like Mexican 16-Bean and Tomato Stew (no one else in my family would eat it), and Egg Foo Young (zero chance I'll make it better than the restaurant down the street), are going to get tossed into the recycle bin.  The other recipes I’m going to commit to making at least one a week.  Hopefully one from each category.  (Why not aim for an entire meal right?)  And I’m going to post about it regardless of whether it turns out or not because...

Between online recipe folders, my binder, and Pinterest, I have ended up with the same exact recipes in different places. (Hence the main reason for me needing to keep track.)  I often don’t discover this until after I prepare one and there’s a quizzical look from my husband followed by, “Haven’t you made this before?”  When the answer to that question is “Yes,” he inevitably asks, “Well why didn’t you write it down?”   When the answer to that question is, “No,” I get a squinty eyed doubting look and, “I think you did.  You just don’t remember.  We both know you don’t write anything down.”
Well dearest husband...  Now I shall.  :D

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