Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dog Hair Is the Bane of My Existence

Swiffer Sweeper dry dusting cloths may very well be my sanity's saving grace.  With a German Shepherd and a "your guess is as good as mine" mutt, combatting dog hair is a daily struggle.

This is Cleo.  This is what happens when she knows you are looking at her. She is 4 and an absolute spazz. She has very silky, fine fur that flies all over the place even just as she walks by (except her rear - which is floofy and has very thick fur that falls out in clumps).
This is a better picture of Cleo.  She is distracted because she just stole Ariel's ball and Ariel is barking at her.
She got her ball back. :)

Happy sweeping and vacuuming to those of you who can commiserate!

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